Travel support

What if I can’t use public transport because of my disability?

If it costs you more to come in to University due to your disability, you may be able to claim funding for your additional costs from the Disabled Students Allowances (DSA).

For example, if you are not able to use public transport and need to use a taxi instead, then DSA can pay for the difference in cost.

If this applies to you you should discuss this with the assessor when you have an assessment for support from the DSA.

How do I claim money for travel costs?

If a travel allowance is approved for you then you should follow the instructions from your funding body about claiming this.

Different funding bodies have different ways of paying this allowance, so you must make sure that you check the procedure that applies to you.

To find out more about funding bodies, book a Quick Query appointment.

Setting up a taxi account

In most cases you should set up an account with the taxi company that has been approved by your funding body. The taxi company will then invoice your funding body for their agreed contribution towards the cost of the journeys.

You will be responsible for paying the cost of making the same journey by public transport directly to the taxi company. You can contact the Disability Advisory and Support Service for advice on setting up an account.

Keeping receipts

Sometimes, the funding body will ask you to keep receipts for journeys so that they can reimburse you. If this is the case you should ensure that you get a fully completed receipt showing the date, pick up and drop off points and the cost of each journey.

When you submit your claim for expenses to the funding body they will deduct the cost of making the same journeys by public transport from their reimbursement.

Car Parking costs

Please note that if you need to drive to University, the DSA does not normally refund the cost of parking at the University.

There is some provision at the University for disabled students who need parking.

Petrol costs

Funding bodies do sometimes consider reimbursement of petrol costs if these are above the cost of making the same journey by public transport, but usually this is unlikely to be the case.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the travel support that we can offer, or simply want to know more, it’s best to talk to us.