Getting out of a building in an emergency

Could you need help to get out of a building in an emergency?

You may have difficulties with your mobility, have a sight or hearing impairment, or maybe a medical condition which could stop you leaving the building in an emergency, or slow you down. Usually, an emergency will mean a fire alarm.

If this is the case, you will need a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

Let us know as soon as you can if you think you might need a PEEP, and we can let your School know. You’ll need to have a chat to someone from your School about the buildings you are likely to use and decide on a plan.

If you’d prefer, you can email your School directly about your PEEP.

Living in University Halls of Residence?

If you are living in one of our Halls and feel that you could benefit from a PEEP, contact the Accommodation office.

Living in Private Accommodation?

If you are living in a private Halls of Residence, which the University doesn’t run, unfortunately we can’t assist you with a PEEP. You should contact the owner of the residence to discuss this.