Other people who can help

If you find yourself struggling with anything, there’s always someone you can speak to.

The Disability Advisory and Support Service is only a part of a wider network of support within the University, and there are many other services available to help with all of your queries and needs during your time here at the University.

The Counselling Service

Our Counselling Service are a team of professional counsellors and psychotherapists who offer confidential help with any personal issues, whether its affecting work, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, mental health or general well-being. They are accessible to all University of Manchester students and members of staff.

The Counselling Service mainly offers brief, focused counselling that encourages people to make the most of each session.

They can also offer you a wide range of workshops including managing anxiety; exam stress; procrastination; assertiveness; confidence and self-esteem; low mood; and speaking out in groups.

The Counselling Service is part of a wider network of help and support, and they can advise on where else to seek help within the University and make referrals to NHS mental health services.

To get in touch with the Counselling Service call: 0161 275 2864 or email counselling.service@manchester.ac.uk .

Accommodation Office Pastoral Team

All of the University residences have a team of residential Tutors living in-house. As either postgraduate students or members of staff at the University, they provide an important source of guidance and support for students who in the majority of cases are living away from home for the first time.

A Tutor is on duty on weekday evenings, and over weekends and bank holidays for urgent matters. Each flat or block has a specific Tutor assigned to them and they will regularly visit to provide information.

As well as this, each hall has a Warden, and in some larger halls a Deputy Warden or Senior Tutor who assists the Tutors with more complicated matters.

The Occupational Health Service

The Occupational Health Service is a team of doctors and specialist nurses, offering confidential advice to protect the health of staff and students at work, in training and in study.

The service assesses and advises on fitness for work, training and study and ensures that health issues are effectively managed.

To get in touch with the Occupational Health Service call: 0161 275 2858/ 0161 306 5806 or email waterlooocchealth@manchester.ac.uk / millocchealth@manchester.ac.uk

The Student Services Centre (SSC)

The Student Services Centre (SSC) is a central support team who can offer you advice and information on a wide range of issues including registration, fees, funding, immigration, examinations, certificates, transcripts and much more.

To get in touch with the Student Services Centre call: 0161 275 5000 or email ssc@manchester.ac.uk

Student Support and Advice

The Student Support and Advice team offer support and advice on issues affecting your student life, with signposting and referral to more specialist services. If you're not sure where to go, they’re a good place to start. Find us in the Atrium on the first floor of University Place.

To get in touch with the Student Support and Advice team call:0161 275 3033/3781 or email studentsupport@manchester.ac.uk

The Students’ Union Advice Service

The Students’ Union Advice Service is a free, confidential service where students can get information and advice on personal and academic issues.

The Advice Service is ran by professional Advisers who are independent of the University, and the service is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union building.

Students often seek advice about academic issues such as appeals, complaints and disciplinary hearings. Other common enquiries relate to housing, from problems with a landlord to getting your deposit back.

You can also receive financial advice regarding student finance, benefits and general hardship.

The Advice Service also offers advice on general wellbeing including regarding issues such as sexual health, bullying and discrimination.

Finally, they provide advice on an array of other issues such as employment problems, consumer issues and fines, to name but a few.

To get in touch with the Students’ Union Advice Centre call: 0161 275 2952 or email advice.su@manchester.ac.uk.

The Careers Service

The Careers Service is a team of professional advisers who offer information, advice and guidance on employment and careers.

To get in touch with the Careers Service please go directly to their website and follow the necessary steps.


Sport Services offers a widely ranging programme of sport and fitness activities, and they cater to every preference and need.

To get in touch with Sport Services call: 0161 275 4962 or email uniman.sport@manchester.ac.uk .