Support in your University accommodation

Are you planning on living in a University hall of residence whilst you’re at the University?

If you are, and you have additional support needs, you may wish to consider what university halls can offer you. This may include:

  • wheelchair accessible rooms;

  • en-suite accommodation;

  • hoists;

  • vibrating pillows and deaf alerters/flashing lights;

  • disabled parking;

  • A fridge in your room to store your medication;

  • pastoral care.

Steps to take for prospective students


Firstly, you will need to apply for accommodation once you have the offer of a place. You should also contact the Accommodation Office to let them know if you have particular needs as soon as possible.


You may also wish to book on a university open day to get an idea of what living in halls is like.

If you want to visit a particular hall of residence individually, you need to contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible.

As you can imagine, many of the rooms will be inhabited by current students, and the Accommodation Office need to seek their permission for someone to look into their rooms. This can take a little time to set up.