Library support

What support is available in the library?

In our library you’ll find many accessible facilities, like the assistive software that we have on all of our library computers.

We will also provide additional support for individual disabled students, where we’ve assessed that this is needed.

  • We can provide extensions to high demand library books if it takes you longer to read.

  • If you are not able to gather books or journals we can arrange for library staff to get these for you when you reserve them in advance.

  • Individual library inductions can be provided if you need more time to understand the library’s layout and services.

  • If you require an alternative space or access to specialist equipment you can gain entry into an accessible room.

  • Library assistants can help you if you need assistance with moving, collecting, or holding books.

How do I get support in the library?

You’ll need to register with us or book a Quick Query appointment in the first instance. Following this, we can start to explore support.

If you’re already registered but think that you need more support, contact your Disability Adviser.