Assistive software and accessibility features

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Inbuilt Windows/Apple/Android accessibility

There's a range of inbuilt accessibility options available on most PCs, Apple & Android devices.

For more information, visit AbilityNet's My Computer, My Way

Windows 11 Accessibility options

Windows have launched range of accessibility options with the release of Windows 11. See here for more information

What is assistive software?

Assistive software includes software that is helpful to lots of people, but can be particularly useful to disabled learners, such as dyslexic students or students with mental health difficulties and visual impairments.

What kind of software can I access?

Mind Mapping

On every University computer, you can access MindView mindmapping software.

Mindview allows you to create a mind map, export it to Word, add notes and links to your files and websites. Mindview can also create Gantt charts and a time line.

Readback Software/Spell Check

TextHelp Read and Write 10 is a program that can carry out text-to-speech, spell check and check homophones. It can also turn documents into mp3 audio files, mask your screen and scan text.

Texthelp also has a highlighting tool which will allow you to highlight information both online and on documents. It can read accessible PDFs and import the highlighted information, together with details of the location of the information, into a Word document. TextHelp also has many controls in its scanning and screen masking function. In its scanning function, you can select individual pages to scan and save as a PDF or Word document. In its screen masking you can mask your full screen, leaving only the line that you’re working on viewable.

Where can I access this?

The university has a range of assistive software available to all students on the university computer network. You can access this in PC clusters, the library and the learning commons on any university networked computer.

How do I find the software on a university networked computer?

When you’re logged in in a computer cluster, the easiest way to find any of the programs is to click on the Start button and then type the name of the program that you’re looking for, such as Mindview or Read and Write, into the Search box.

Want your own copy for your own computer?

UK students can apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) to fund assistive software and other support.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive any particular software, as this is not determined by the University.