University support plans

What is a University Support Plan?

A University Support Plan is a confidential document that describes the support that the University will put in place for you. Every Support Plan is different, but here are some details that could be included.

  • Any exam support that you may need, such as having rest breaks or a smaller room.

  • Any support that you require from your School, including advising the academics who teach you about any adjustments you need in classes, labs, or written assignments.

  • Library support, such as giving you extensions for high demand library loans.

When do I get a Support Plan?

After you’re fully registered with us, we’ll then look into creating a support plan for you.

Who will you send my Support Plan to?

This depends on the permission you’ve given us, as we can only put our support in place if you’ve given us permission to talk to certain people.

If you’ve given us consent, we will usually send the support plan to the Disability Coordinator in your School/Library. It is then the School’s responsibility to send out the support plan to the relevant academic and support staff.

Where is my Support Plan?

Your support plan will always be emailed to your student email address, once the support is agreed.

What if my Support Plan isn’t meeting my needs?

Please contact your Disability Advisory and Support Service caseworker to discuss this further, and do this as soon as possible, because we may need to meet you to review this.

What if I’m not receiving the support you’ve recommended?

Contact your Disability Advisory and Support Service caseworker or Assistant Adviser as soon as possible if you’re not receiving support.