How do I get personal care support at University?

UK students

How do I apply?

If you think that you are likely to require care assistance or equipment whilst you are at University you should contact your Home Social Services department as soon as possible to start discussing this.

They are responsible for assessing and paying for support at University, even if you will be living away from home.

Because of its personal nature, the process of applying for and finalising a package of personal care support can take a long time.

The process can take up to twelve months to arrange, as you will either be a new referral (if you have never used the service before) or you will be transferring from children’s to adult services.

How can the University help?

If you tell us that you’re applying for personal care support, we can provide you with information about the course you will be studying and the University environment, to ensure that your care support needs are assessed as accurately as possible.

Please also advise the Accommodation Office if you need an additional room for a carer once you have the offer of a place on a course. Your home Social Services will need to reflect this in their budgeting.

International students

If you are an overseas student, it may be difficult for you to visit the University in advance to find out about your personal support needs. It is therefore helpful if you provide as much information about yourself to us as possible before you arrive.

Once we have established your personal support requirements, you will need to make sure that you have funding in place for them before you come to Manchester to begin your studies.

Support for day to day living can be expensive, so this is an additional cost you will need to include in your budget.

The University is unable to fund any personal care support, so you should ensure that you have sufficient funding to support this.